20 Questions with A Traveller



Over a year ago I decided to leave my ordinary life behind in search of something extraordinary and as it turns out, that one decision has resulted in some amazing encounters all around this planet.


I have met people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, people with stories so incredibly beautiful that I look at them in awe, people who have experienced so many terrible things and have come out stronger and a few who have stories similar to my own.


So, the idea formed on a bus journey from Vienna to Budapest; If I was finding enrichment from other people’s stories, so would others. Not everyone gets to make the same decisions as I have in life, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t share these experiences.


And so, I bring to you “20 Questions with A Traveller”; an interview with people/travellers that I meet along my journey across the planet. An interview that seeks to find motive for travelling, travel advice, back stories and of course the mishaps along the way.


After all, it’s not the places we see, it’s the people we meet that truly leave an impact.


K x

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