The final farewell…

*This post must be read whilst listening to 'Radical Face- Summer Skeletons'. (YouTube it! It's how I designed it)*

I’m sure that you’re all sick of speeches by this point in the school year and so, I’ll keep this short.

It has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for all of the cards, letters and gifts. You all know me far too well; jewellery, engraved mirrors, chocolate and Queen P merchandise! (Jeezo, how much are you guys getting paid?!?)

You really are the finest people that I have ever met and because of you I am seriously dehydrated from crying at every little emotional thing that you say to me.

Ladies and Gents, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that it wasn’t just me teaching you. Education is a two way street and so I dedicate this to you…

Crown and Apple

What my pupils have taught me.


* Being aged 11-18 isn’t always easy when you’re juggling school and a part time job

* Minimum wage sucks

* Standing behind a counter in the service industry is painful

* Certain industry work uniforms are ugly

* Your enjoyment of a subject largely depends on your teacher and the class that you’re in

* Prefect duty= holding a door open and cleaning other peoples rubbish

* Sometimes you just need to sit on the stairs at lunchtime and read a book

* Tuesday interval is not the time to sass Miss Parmar at the stairwell- you will be asked to turn around

* You can order a Chinese when the bell rings and then go and pick it up during lunchtime

* Shirts have no business being tucked in… apparently

* Leggings are the new trousers

* That I am more of a cool older sister/teenager than a typical boring teacher… SAY WHAT?!

* I can be quite terrifying

* Life lessons are welcome during drama periods

* PSE can be hilarious when you have the right teacher

* I am a homework Nazi

* Form periods should always have music

* Shouting “Good morning” to second years at 8:40am is NOT welcome

* Telling people to “Stay safe” over the weekend is

* Raising standards isn’t fun until it becomes the normality

* Pupils prefer my 5-4-3-2-1 count down to silence as it’s “More effective”

* Standing on the tables whilst teaching will make pupils smirk but it will soon become the normality

* If you forget your drama homework you run back home to get it or face Miss Parmar’s wrath

* Singing to pupils will always brighten their day... don’t even pretend that it doesn’t

* Being available for a chat is always cool. Before school, interval, lunchtime, free periods and after school. (Door is always open)

* Making memories has become a slogan

* Getting pupils to throw your work heels a funeral is slightly morbid but hilarious

* Having a “guac off’ (where you get pupils to learn to make guacamole and bring it in to be taste tested because they’d never heard of it) is part of their education.

* Having a pupil’s ‘back’ isn’t unprofessional. It’s being their champion and every kid needs a champion.

* Calling pupils your ‘babies’ ‘kiddywinks’ ‘cherubs’ and ‘darlings’ is fine by me... and them

* Being strict isn’t fun but getting the grades at the end is

* Having a memorable year in drama outweighs the negatives of school life

* Seeing your teacher leave the school before you isn’t great but imagine the stories she will have to tell.

To the kids I taught, mentored and championed… Thank you.

K x

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