East Coast of Australia: Road trip




The Whitsundays

They didn't choose to make the lens for the Hubble Space Telescope from the sand from Whitehaven beach because it was convenient. (It most definitely wasn't convenient) But the sand on this beach is so white and soft (ground down from quartz rock) that you will truly fall in love with it! (That's also not the reason behind making the lens out of it... But you can Google the science behind that)

The water is crystal clear and warm, the sand is soft and there are sharks and stingray in the water...Yeah, that's  right, but they're completely harmless as long as you don't step on them.




Noosa Heads

If you  want a vacation whilst living in Australia , look no further than Noosa Heads. It has a beach, a variety of hikes, lots of shops and is basically a large resort town. It truly is splendid.




Fraser Island

Fraser island is basically paradise. You need to get a 4x4 and drive onto a barge that will sail you to the island itself. There on the island you can drive on the sand. There are a variety of rainforest hikes where you will spot a range of wild life and some amazing lakes. My personal favourite has to be Lake Mackensie; the water is beautifully warm and it's a total treat to relax there. (Just make sure that you don't  bring any food down to the beach as there are wild Dingos  about who will fight you for your lunch)





I have really tried my best to come up with something exciting to say about Brisbane but all that comes to mind is... If Melbourne had a little teenage sister who was just a little awkward as she hadn't found her footing yet, then she would be Brisbane.

It's cute, it's hot, you can shop here but otherwise you'll  soon start running out of things to do here.

However, if you're  looking for a cool spot to have drinks and chill out, Caxton Street is the place to be. It has a heap of cool bars and a music venue which will make you feel like you've gone back in time.




Gold Coast- Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise  is pretty beautiful, but after seeing Whitehaven Beach, nothing will compare. However it's a great stretch of beach that is worth walking on and if you stay near the marina, then you will see some beautiful  sunsets with some pretty boats in the forefront.

However my trip here will always remind me of my backpack breaking mid walk on the beach and having to purchase a replacement. It truly was a bittersweet end to a beautiful day.




Port Macquarie

The drive to Port Macquarie consisted of an enormous amount of precipitation. However it is a beautiful little town with a wonderful coastal walk where you can spot Dolphins.

One of the best highlights of this town has to be the Koala Hospital  which you can visit for free. This hospital takes in injured koalas and looks after them until they're  ready to go back into the wild (some koalas use this as a retirement  home  as they are no longer able to survive in the wild due to injuries  from bush fires)




Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a pretty little place. You can hike up to Tomaree  Head to see some beautiful coastal views, walk across the sand to the island where the lighthouse  is (depending  on the tide) and you can surf down sand dunes (although you have to book a tour to do this due to commercialisation) But if you have a 4x4, definitely try your luck without booking a tour!


Australia is an incredibly beautiful country and if you get the chance to drive along the coastal regions; definitely do it. Yes, you'll be driving a large amount of time but it will most certainly be worth it (this trip alone roughly covered 2,426km/1507miles).

But the places that you will see, the experiences and the people that you will meet along the way will truly make your trip memorable. 

Happy travels! 

K x


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