The Road To The South + bonus video

My housemate D and I decided to go on an adventurous little camping trip where we left Victoria via the Great Ocean Road, travelled to Adelaide and then visited The Grampians on the way back.

We had a car, some fishing equipment, a Trangia, a brand new Esky (cooler), a couple of doonas (duvets) and some other necessities.

Were we fully equipped? Probably not. But it really was a great way to experience what Australia has to offer.

The Great Ocean Road was magnificent as always, but the highlights were definitely camping and fishing along the Murray River where D caught two fish, and waking up in the middle of The Grampians to the most spectacular view.

(By camping I mean that we slept in the car. Now, I’m the size of a Bonsai tree so I was right at home at the back. Poor D got the passenger seat)

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned Adelaide, well… I’d like to delve more into my thoughts on Adelaide but I’ll just leave you with… They have a great museum there and you should definitely check out Nord Burger… (Delicious!)

Feel free to check out the video!

K x

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