Just Let It Go

Hanging Rock, Victoria, Australia

Now, I don’t want to get all “Disney's- Frozen” on you, as I know quite a few of you have to endure it often with your little ones. But there is so much in life that we do just need to let go of. And never has it been so important to...


Letting go of our past:

We appear to want to hold on so tightly to our past, whether good or bad we seem to clutch on to it. And that’s great in some ways as they have shaped us to some extent. But is it worth dwelling on every little thing? How much of it do we plan on bringing forward with us? As long as we learn from it, why bother carrying it? Life is difficult enough without the extra load.


Letting go of regrets:

We all have an idea of who we think we should have been and if we don’t, somebody who knows us will have an idea for us. The plans we made as children, teens and even adults are just that… plans. Not everything goes to plan. Yeah, maybe you could have worked harder at school, university, work, maybe you should have kept at that instrument, degree, relationship, marriage or …maybe, what if, should have, could have, would have… is it too late? Do it now. And if you still can’t, you/they probably didn’t want it that much anyway.


Letting go of expectations:

I once came home from celebrating my birthday, looked in the mirror and cried. I cried. She laughs. Looking back now it’s pretty entertaining, but I was just so shocked that time had passed so quickly. I definitely don’t look or feel old (I’m not old at all!). I was just shocked that whilst I had been living life… the world had gone and sped through another 365 days in such a hurry that I hadn’t realised how fast our time on earth is flying by. I just thought that we would have more time…


Letting go of people:

Some people don’t belong in every chapter of your personal story and that’s OK. It may feel strange as you’re the author. But even authors have to kill off some of their best characters in order for others to move forward. Hey, some may even return to your surprise. But you can’t force people to stay and be present when they are needed in another chapter in someone else’s book.


Letting go of material things:

That torn coat, ruined pair of shoes, faulty electrical item, torn book, broken plate, smashed crystal glass, cracked ornament and so on. Just replace it if you have to and move on. Sentimental or otherwise. One of you will have to break first and unfortunately your beloved item will spend more time on this planet than you ever will, broken or otherwise.


Letting go of memories that harm us:

If the pain is hard to bear… try to release them, (easier said than done.) But, if you saw a child carrying a heavy load you would tell them to put it down, right? If a person tells us about their worries and anxieties, we often have caring advice. So, why are you carrying something so heavy?

There is but a small child within every one of us that quite often gets neglected. Be kind to them.


K x

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