The Drawer

Torquay, Victoria, Australia

Some countries have a strange way of pulling at your heart, whether it’s in the form of cities, atmosphere, streets, houses, or people.

Nine years ago, I promised myself that I would return to Australia and as years passed, priorities changed along with circumstances. I put the idea away into a drawer along with heartfelt notes, ideas of becoming an astronaut, walking the red carpet and growing wings (hey, I was 5!).

We all have this drawer; it’s where we store our keepsakes, dreams and ambitions of our pasts that we hold too dear to throw away. These drawers are a precious reminder of who we were at the time. And as JM Barrie once explained; once opened, they become more and more difficult to close again.

But sometimes we forget to fully close the drawer, and out flow the hopes and dreams that we once had. Enticing and teasing us to remember them, to play and to explore them, enabling us to meet others whose drawers have similar contents to our own.

You can try to close the drawer again but the longer it is open the stronger it is. It may push you to contact a lost friendship, embark on an adventure, or appreciate what you have created/achieved.

Wherever it leads, enjoy the changes that it encourages you to make as we could all do with freeing up some drawer space.

K x

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