Time Is Money


Recognising that money is a fictional concept has been one of the most fundamental learning experiences that I have come to understand whilst planning my time abroad.

I was taught to work hard and get a well-paid job in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. But it took me a while to process that in reality we don’t buy things with money, but with hours from our lives.

Only after truly considering this concept has it become so clear how much time we actually waste. Imagine if everything we owned had a label of how many minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years it took to purchase them. Would we be proud of our purchase or appalled at our poor decisions?

We have all used the phrase “Time is money” at some point in our lives as a throw away comment and then have spent months saving up for something completely unnecessary.

I remember my father telling me that “Money comes and goes” and I only really validate this when I’ve had to console myself after paying: a parking fine, excess baggage weight, writing off a car or for some other financial faux pas that I have made.

But in truth it has made me far more conscious of how I am ‘spending’ my time… because in reality, it’s running out.

K x

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