Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

“Salzburg-Most famous for its hills being alive with the sound of music.”- Everyone (apparently)


I can only imagine that arriving in Salzburg during the day time is breathtaking as the scenery is stunning. However, I arrived in the middle of the night and instead, received a beautiful shock in the morning as I squinted up to the glorious view.

The hills surrounding the city of Salzburg are just spectacular, they look as though they have been painted onto a lavish backdrop due to being so picturesque and I imagine that the city is an artist’s dream. As I walk around the streets I imagine painters recreating the sights of the city; capturing the magnificent colours and architecture whilst the hills lay proudly in the background. I imagine people sitting next to the beautiful jade green river playing the guitar whilst singing a beautifully melancholy song in contrast to their surroundings. But none of this happens.

There are a few people dotted along the river reading their books or having their lunch, a large amount of tourists walking around the city, horse carriages casually trotting their way around and cars trying to pass over the bridge. The city is alive and bustling, but the place is still tranquil.

Salzburg has a way of making you feel safe and nobody really bothers you. You will see families lunching and dining together, children walking around with their guardians, ice-creams being bought, pretzels in hands and classic Austrian gingerbread heart biscuits hanging around the necks of children and tourists.


Things to do:

Inside the city it is definitely worth seeing Mirabell Palace and Gardens where you will see some famous sights from “The Sound of Music”.

Salzburg Dom: the interior is unbelievably stunning and definitely worth a look.

St Peters Abbey, Cemetery and Catacombs: The Catacombs are about 2 Euros but it is totally worth it as you get to climb up some stairs straight into the cliffs and the view from the windows in the cliff are spectacular.

Hikes: Within the city it is possible to hike Kapuzinerberg which doesn’t take long at all (1 hour RT max). But the views of the city from here are spectacular, especially of Festung Hohensatzburg (The fortress on the hill)

Walking around the city: There are a variety of museums and places to visit in Salzburg, and many aim for Mozarts birthplace and residence. I didn’t personally go inside these buildings but appreciated them from outside. The bridges over the river also offer beautiful views of the city.


What others suggest:

  • Hiring a bike around the city
  • Going up Untersberghahn (A funicular will take you up the mountain and the views are apparently incredible)
  • Various museums
  • Sound of Music tour (A lot of people suggested this one, and really enjoyed it. If you’re a fan of the film and how it was made, then it is definitely for you)


Things to eat:

Mozartkugeln (Mozart [chocolate] balls)



Sachertorte (chocolate cake with an apricot jam)


General experience:

A definite highlight for me was hiking Kapuzinerberg with Team Mexico City. The entertainment whilst walking up this hill was far too comical as we tried to aim for the highest point (although some were happy to settle for second highest!). But the experience definitely further confirmed how much your travel experience can change just by adding different nationalities and experiences. These guys truly were awesome.

Another highlight has to be heading to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany with Team Canada. You can get a Flixbus for 19 euros return from Salzburg to Munich (1 hour and 50 mins) and the whole experience will be a fraction of the cost of staying in Munich during the festival season. The whole day was pretty fun and Team Canada were certainly hilarious but I’ll write about Oktoberfest in a separate post.


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