Gillian- 20 Questions with A Traveller


1.Describe the type of traveller you are?

Fairly experienced and confident solo traveller

2. Who are you travelling with? Why?

I planned this travel journey by myself because I didn't want to compromise the places I wanted to see, but I ended up meeting up with a lot of friends and family from home (which actually helped feelings of loneliness and homesickness)

3. How would you describe your travel budget?

My travel budget isn't strictly tight, but not reckless either- staying in cheaper accommodation but not really scrimping if there's something I'd really like to do

4. Why do you travel?

To get away from my home life, meet new people and for the little adventures

5. What sparked your current trip?

I had nothing going on at home and wanted to do a trip to hit up some European places I hadn't been to yet

6. Which country did you feel a strong connection with? Why?

I love Greece so much, my second trip there and I really love the laid back style, and the food is amazing (lots of veggie options!)

7. If you could give an aspiring traveller advice, what would it be?

Be kind to the locals and learn a few words in the native language

8. What's the one thing you brought on your trip that you haven't needed?

Heels! Didn't think I'd need them but brought them anyways. Didn't wear them.

9. Most humbling moment?

Probably the western wall in old Jerusalem

10. What do you wish that you had brought with you?

My dog (seriously, I would never put my dog on an airplane but everywhere I go I think about if it's dog friendly and if my dog would like it- most places she would love)

11. Highlight of your trip so far?

Iceland was pretty amazing- lots to do and I would go back in a heartbeat. Also meeting my mom in Italy was good when I was feeling pretty homesick

12. Worst part of your trip so far?

A creepy guy in the hostel in Bratislava, having it pour with rain the whole day we spent in Plitvice lakes in Croatia, and missing out on Dead Sea in Jordan because there just isn't enough time and money to do everything

13. A moment you learnt something new about yourself?

I don't think of myself as particularly risky or "travel naive" but apparently I've done some things on this trip (and other trips in the past) that have been unadvisable- meeting people who've said I can't believe you did that!

14. Describe an interesting encounter from your trip?

These awesome girls we met in Croatia who were from Faroe Islands. Honestly whose ever met someone from there, most people don't even know where it is.

15. Why did you choose these destinations?

I chose (mostly) destinations I haven't been to before ( 10 new places + England to visit a friend, Greece because I loved it, Italy because my mom wanted to go, and UAE to visit another friend)

16. Where is your next destination?

On this trip or next? I'm currently in Jordan and going back to Abu Dhabi for a few days, London for a few and then home! But thinking about a trip to maybe Panama in February and either Tanzania or Sri Lanka in April

17. A moment where you surprised yourself by your own actions?

Less partying on this trip than I thought- more responsible than I used to be, knowing when I'd have to get up early the next day

18. Any misfortunes? and how did you solve them?

Very stupidly planning to leave Israel on a Saturday and getting stuck having to take a very expensive taxi to the border

19. A destination you wish you had included in your trip?

More time in Israel and Jordan, and Slovenia

20. A destination you wouldn't return to?

Some places I might not return to until I've seen other places? I'd return everywhere given the opportunity



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