Stephanie- 20 Questions with A Traveller


1.Describe the type of traveller you are?

I am a traveler with no plan, always after the best price!

2. Who are you travelling with? Why?

I am traveling alone. This trip is all about me; it was meant to help me find myself and become a more independent person.

3. How would you describe your travel budget?

I worked for 3 years during university to save for this trip so I had a budget which I felt was fair. It was important for me save extra in case of an emergency

4. Why do you travel?

I travel because I love discovering new cultures, meeting new people and most of all not being able to predict my next day. Everyday is new and different

5. What sparked your current trip?

I felt I wasn't ready to be an adult.

6. Which country did you feel a strong connection with? Why?

Italy, my family is from a small village in Calabria and I fell in love with the place and all my family there

7. If you could give an aspiring traveller advice, what would it be?

Just do it, don't second guess it. When you're having a bad day or you're home sick look around and be thankful for where you are

8. What's the one thing you brought on your trip that you haven't needed?

A very formal dress.

9. Most humbling moment?

Meeting people my age who are from countries where they cannot walk around alone once it gets dark because it's not safe.

10. What do you wish that you had brought with you?

Light beach towel & more supportive sandals

11. Highlight of your trip so far?

Oh so many! I've been traveling for 8 months. Meeting family I didn't even know I had

12. Worst part of your trip so far?

Being in a room with a thief who cut someones bag and stole a camera. Also being followed in Naples

13. A moment you learnt something new about yourself?

I realised how I was truly happy being alone when I was laying in a park in Madrid.

14. Describe an interesting encounter from your trip?

I met some girls at my hostel in Amsterdam, we were walking around the red light district and one of the girls decided to get her nose pierced and the other decided to get the three X of Amsterdam tattooed on her

15. Why did you choose these destinations?

Geographically whatever is easier and recommendations from other travels

16. Where is your next destination?

London I'm currently at the airport about to fly there

17. A moment where you surprised yourself by your own actions?

Seeing the Bridget Jones movie alone, I've never been able to see a movie alone! It felt incredible being so comfortable with myself.

18. Any misfortunes? and how did you solve them?

I've been lucky! I've had my phone charger cord replaced and someone decided to take my flip flops so she could wear them in the shower

19. A destination you wish you had included in your trip?

Slovenia & Portugal

20. A destination you wouldn't return to?

Frankfurt, Paris & Naples



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