Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express Part 1/5

Trans Siberian/Mongolian Train

2nd class berth- Trans Siberian/Mongolian

Snow on board the Trans Siberian/Mongolian

My initial plan was to type up these notes into a beautifully written post. However, posting it in its original form is by far the most honest and accurate account of my experience. Enjoy!


Boarded on 20/12/16 @ 23:45 


Day 1 (21/12/16)

  • I have a four bed second class berth to myself. There is nobody here. In fact, there is nobody else on my carriage.
  • Train seems interesting. (Not sure what I meant by this)
  • I brought some provisions onto the train with me, as much as I could carry. But I plan to eat at the restaurant on board and buy from Kiosks at stations as suggested by others online.
  • Toilets: Lots of metal. I’m going to say stainless steel. Waste gets flushed straight onto the tracks via a peddle. I can see the snow on the tracks through the toilet bowl.
  • Walked down one side of the train to explore. Discovered many passages that connect the train carriages together to be covered in ice and snow, and some containing bags of coal. Ended up at the restaurant carriage. Tried to explain that I only came to look as I tried to hand back the menu and communicate in my limited Russian.
  • Spent hours trying to fix my Chinese knot that had broken at the station in Moscow. I failed once. Persevered as I couldn’t ignore that it warded off bad fortune. Second time lucky. It’s fixed.
  • Bananas got squished in transition from hostel to station. Need to rethink the banana situation. Oranges are fine.
  • Chocolate is having to be rationed.
  • Scenery: A whole heap of snow.
  • Remembered that I woke up startled in the middle of the night. I had forgotten that I was on board a moving train.
  • Two men work on my carriage. They only speak Chinese. I think one was telling me to close the shutters after dark and wrap a blanket around me. I can’t be sure.
  • Same man has returned four hours later. I think he’s telling me to move my pillow away from the window so that my head doesn’t get cold. He then gives me another blanket.
  • Same man tells me off for wearing flip flops (thongs) as I walk back from the toilet. He mimes being cold. I laugh.
  • I now think that the man was telling me that the temperature is going to drop further tonight as I’m pretty cold. I’m back to layering and wearing socks.
  • The man seems pleased with my progress.


Food Intake:- 

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 orange
  • 2 plain bread rolls (one the night before)
  • 2 funsize chocolate bars
  • A handful of dried fruit and nut mix
  • 750ml water

NB: This is not a diet that EducatingKavita promotes. This was just her reality on board the train. EducatingKavita does not recommend trying this at home. 


K x

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