Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express Part 2/5

Siberian Winter

Snow on board the Trans Siberian/Mongolian

Tea struggles on board Trans Siberian



Day 2:


  • There are people in the berth next to me. The train must have stopped last night to pick up passengers. I imagine that this train would be pretty noisy when full as I can hear everything from next door. (There was only one person)
  • The toilet floor was very wet this morning. (Unsure of the relevance)
  • The banana situation has been resolved. Decided to chop off all the oozing squishy black bits and store them next to the window. The cold air is helping them keep.
  • The man was definitely telling me that it’s going to get colder last night as I was freezing.
  • Scenery: snow
  • Decided to walk along the train again but in the opposite direction. Temperature -35. Hands are frozen. Bad Idea. Very bad idea. Almost got stuck between two carriages as the doors were frozen shut, skin on hand got frozen onto door handle. Hand has lost some skin. Hand is ok. Threw my very small body against the door to try and get it open. It worked.
  • The passageway closest to the restaurant carriage is full of steam. Can’t get by. Can’t even see my own hand in front of my face. (Mixture of coal fire and -35 temps causing unbelievably poor vision)
  • I’m super hungry.
  • After deciding to return to battle the steam, I have discovered that the restaurant carriage is now closed all day. I’m not sure when it will be open again. It sounded like he was telling me that they have ran out of food. We haven’t stopped long enough for me to battle the snow at the station to replenish food stocks.
  • Rationing has become a real concern.
  • Having to drink tea from a tupperware container.
  • I wish that I knew more than hello and thank you in Mandarin.
  • Glad I brought toilet roll with me. Stock rarely seems to be replenished.
  • Miss mum’s food.
  • Carriage is unbelievably cold. Core temperature has dropped. I have requested heating. I have been given another blanket. I am now sleeping in full base thermals, joggers, t-shirt, jumper, fleece, 3 pairs of socks, scarf, gloves, three thick blankets and a thin sheet. Core temperature is starting to stabilise and I can now feel all my digits.
  • It's going to be a long night.


Food Intake:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 oranges
  • 4 funsize chocolate bars
  • 1 plain bread roll
  • 2 handfuls of fruit and nut mix
  • 2 tupperware’s of tea (reused tea bag)
  • 450ml water (not good)

NB: This is not a diet that EducatingKavita promotes. This was just her reality on board the train. EducatingKavita does not recommend trying this at home. 


K x

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