Gyeongju, South Korea

Gyeongju in 3 days!


The drive into Gyeongju is breathtaking. The city is surrounded by mountains, greenery, and so many traditional houses. If Gyeongju isn’t on your South Korea list, then it’s time to put it on there.

Daereungwon Ancient Tombs

Daereungwon Ancient Tombs

Daereungwon Ancient Tombs

Things to do:


  • Cheonmachong and Daereungwon Ancient Tombs (A lovely walk in an enclosed area that is scattered with tombs (mounds))
  • Gyeongju Seongdong Market (for some amazingly delicious and cheap food)
  • General: Walk around the city and take in the views
  • Bulguksa Temple (a thirty minute ride away on bus number 10, 11 or 700)
  • Yangdong Village (a traditional village- thirty minute bus ride away on bus number 203)


Things to eat and drink:


  • Gyeongju Bread/ Hwangnam Bread (famous red bean cake made fresh in this region)
  • Soju (an alcoholic beverage that you drink neat)
  • Kimchi (Spicy cabbage)
  • Gimbap (like sushi, but not)
  • Bipimbap (Rice, mixed vegetables and sometimes meat- stir like crazy and add some spice)
  • Kimchi Wangmandu (Kimchi dumplings)
  • Pajeon (Green onion pancake)
  • Danmuji (Korean yellow pickled radish)

Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple

Bulguksa Temple

General experience:

Gyeongju is the perfect setting for an authentic Korean experience in winter as there are hardly any tourists around. The streets are relatively empty and the sights around the city are fairly easy to get to. Just remember to check the bus timetables for any long journeys you plan to make, as some buses only run every two hours.

The food here is perfectly priced at around 4,000W if you find the right places, just steer clear of the touristy restaurants and head to the side alleys for a more authentic and traditional meal.


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