Seoul, South Korea

Bugak Palgakjeong

Bugak Palgakjeong

Bugak Palgakjeong

3 days in Seoul.


Seoul is an incredible city with many places to eat, drink and shop. There are also many modern buildings surrounding the few traditional ones that remain around the city.

View from Namsan Park

Gyeongbokgung Palace

View from Namsan Park

Things to do:


  • Bugak Palgakjeong (an octagonal pavilion on the northeast ridge of Mt Bugaksan that gives you a great view of the city)
  • Namsan Park (to hike up the many stairs to get to N. Seoul Tower)
  • Hongdae (a cool area for shopping, food and nightlife- A MUST VISIT!)
  • Bukchon and Hanok Village (for a view of traditional Korean architecture)
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace (to see the palace and changing of the guard)
  • Myeongdong (a great shopping area where you can also pick up some cheap food)
  • Itaewon (for some great restaurants and some western vibes)
  • Insadong (a traditional street for some street food)
  • Namsanjol hanok villiage- (traditional Korean Village)



Gyeongbokgung Palace

Korean BBQ

Things others suggest:

  • National museum of Korea
  • Changdeokgung Palace (TIP: make a reservation to see the Secret Garden at the palace with a tour guide, they only take groups of 40 and it gets booked up fast)
  • DMZ tour to the N Korean border
  • Bukhansan National Park (For a wonderful hike)

Things to eat and drink:

  • Fried chicken and beer (they do it so well)
  • Korean BBQ (A real event!)
  • Soju (an alcoholic beverage that you drink neat)
  • Kimchi (Spicy cabbage)
  • Gimbap (like sushi, but not)
  • Jjambbong (incredibly spicy and not for the milder palate
  • Bipimbap (Rice, mixed vegetables and sometimes meat- stir like crazy and add some spice)

How to get around:

The best way to get around in Seoul is the Metro: it’s fast and efficient. If you’re only in Seoul for a few days just pay as you go on the metro. Just remember to type in your destination on the machine so that you pay the correct fare (you can adjust it later at a Fare adjustment machine if you get it wrong and the barrier won’t let you pass, but why go through the hassle when you can get it right), and remember to collect your 500W deposit (for every ticket) from the Deposit machine after you exit the barrier at your destination.


General Experience:

Seoul is an amazing city and unless you live there it is difficult to see and do everything. But you will definitely enjoy yourself regardless, as it is constantly buzzing with people, fashion, art and delicious food. It’s also a city that’s worth seeing in the evening as well as the day time.

My personal highlight was catching up with my friend DK who I met in the USA and hadn’t seen in fifteen months. It was so lovely to go out for lunch, eat desert and be shown around the city by somebody who was born and raised here. Seoul really is a must visit city in South Korea and I hope you enjoy it at much as I did!

K x


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