Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express Part 3/5

Passing the time on the Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express

Passing the time on the Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express



Day 3


  • Woke up at 7am as core temperature was on the rise. Had to remove all socks, scarf, gloves and fleece. Heating on the train seems to be back on.
  • Scenery: Snow. Haven’t seen the sun today.
  • There is ice on the inside of my window.
  • It’s 1pm Moscow time and it is super dark. I’m not sure if we have shifted time zones yet. The next station is Ilanskaya (remember to locate this on a map at some point)
  • I have strong negative feelings for the creator of “funsize” chocolate bars.
  • Food shortage is at an all-time low now. Only have 2 bananas, 2 oranges and 3 funsize chocolate bars to get me through two more days.
  • Restaurant carriage is still closed. Online information suggesting rail side kiosks and on board sellers only true for warmer months. They don’t exist in winter- NOT ADVERTISED ANYWHERE.
  • Not going to panic, I can survive off very little without feeling true hunger. I will feast in Ulan-Bator.
  • Man told me to grab a fourth blanket. Surely it can’t get colder. The train has been like a furnace today.
  • Went to the toilet and noticed at the last minute that the entire toilet roll had been soaked. I am glad that I have previously travelled to India and experienced bizarre toilet etiquette. Left hand is now completely off limits for eating. Sighs
  • I am sweating, it’s so hot. No complaints. Just a fact.
  • Tried to charge laptop. Didn’t bring a converter. Future reference. (-48V DC 48V)
  • Spoke to the lady in the berth next door; she spoke in Russian and I in English. There was lots of pointing, miming and laughing. She’s going to Ulan-Bator too. I told her that I’m going as a ‘tourist’ but I couldn’t work out why she was going. We then went back to our rooms and she came back with an orange “A gift for you” and then leaves. I look around the room at the manky bananas, my own oranges and the ‘funsize’ Mars bars. I decide on the chocolate and give her a gift too, despite having very little food to get by. A wise person once said “giving when you have little to give weighs more than giving when you have a lot”- I hope they’re right as my hunger is increasing.


Food Intake:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 handful of fruit and nut mix
  • 3 funsize chocolate bars
  • 1 plain bread roll
  • 800ml water

NB: This is not a diet that EducatingKavita promotes. This was just her reality on board the train. EducatingKavita does not recommend trying this at home. 


K x

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2 thoughts on “Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express Part 3/5

  1. Can’t wait for you to have a decent meal. All those apple lunches were just training for this journey.

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