Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express Part 4/5

Passing the time on the Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express



Day 4 (Christmas Eve)


  • It’s day 4 and we are still in Russia
  • It was very hot last night. Slept outside of the sheets.
  • There are no showers on board. I haven’t washed my hair since Moscow. I smell like sheep.
  • Wet wipes can only do so much. I’m just glad there is water in the toilets so that I can brush my teeth and wash my face (albeit with ice cold water)
  • We are stopping in Naushki at 15:06 for 110 minutes- plenty of time to pick up some food. Fingers crossed!
  • We don’t seem to be stopping as per timetable. We have definitely shifted time zones but I don’t know the time.
  • Should arrive in Ulan-Bator at 6:45am.
  • I can’t get off the train as the steps are frozen. It’s like prison.
  • Russian Customs Officers came on board, checked my cabin, didn’t bother checking my bags, sniffer dog is now on board, lady didn’t want my registration papers but has taken my passport along with others and has left the train.
  • I’m hungry for my last orange- Celebrating Christmas Eve in style.
  • Passport is back.
  • We have stopped again. Mongolian Customs Officers are thorough. Luggage has been checked, Passports checked and taken away again, cabins are checked and all of the hiding spots have been inspected.
  • Man on the train decided to show the Russian lady and I the jewellery he was wearing to pass the time. There was a lot.
  • Bathroom has been locked for over an hour. It is giving me some serious anxiety.
  • Passport is now back. We are now entering the Mongolian border.
  • So hungry. Stomach rumbles constantly but I need to save the last banana for breakfast tomorrow.
  • Sleep. Sleep will help to forget the hunger.


Food Intake:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 oranges
  • 2 funsize chocolate bars
  • 750ml water

NB: This is not a diet that EducatingKavita promotes. This was just her reality on board the train. EducatingKavita does not recommend trying this at home. 


K x

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