Trans Siberian/Mongolian Part 5/5 with VIDEO


Day 5 (Christmas Day)

  • Finally arrived in Ulan-Bator, Mongolia.
  • Ate the last banana.


General Experience:

Travelling on the Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express was an experience like no other. The sights that I passed were breathtaking and although I was hungry throughout most of the journey it was still an unbelievable experience.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, but with a few changes. Maybe next time I'll go in summer and make as many stops as possible, or maybe I’ll do it again in winter, who knows? Either way, I’ll definitely bring more food on board with me.


Advice for travelling during winter:


  1. Bring enough food and water for a week, no, two weeks if you don’t plan to get off the train. It’s occasionally so cold on board that the food will keep. There are no rail side venders because it’s -30℃. The Restaurant cart may also decide to close as there is hardly anyone on board at this time of year. Please don’t starve!
  2. There is boiling water in a samovar (on every carriage) if you’re an instant noodle kind of gal/guy but bring drinking water if you're not willing to wait for it to cool.
  3. You’ll need to bring a heat proof bottle or cup to drink tea/ coffee or use a tupperware container… like me haha
  4. Bring toilet roll. There is toilet roll on board but for some reason it’s either soaking wet or they haven’t replaced the empty.
  5. Bring wet wipes. You can’t wash on board. But these do a fine job.
  6. Bring entertainment. Lots of entertainment.
  7. Plan a few stops along the way.
  8. If you’re travelling in winter book your ticket when you’re in Russia, Mongolia or China as it is far cheaper and there are less people travelling.


General advice:


  1. If you’re travelling in summer, book online and in advance as it is peak season. If you know someone in either Russia, Mongolia, or China, get them to book your tickets as the prices will be much fairer.
  2. Shop around online and try to find the best price.


N.B- This was EducatingKavita's experience on the Trans Siberian/Mongolian Express and each persons experience on this train differs greatly regardless of the time of year.


Regardless of how and when you travel, you will still have one hell of an amazing experience!

Happy Travels!

K x


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