How to travel: China

Hong Kong

Known for its spectacular skyline, sea food and international crowd.


Beijing is a shock to the system for anyone visiting China for the first time. The city is bustling with people, bicycles, motorbikes and cars. There are street vendors on every corner selling delicious food and the smells of the city are intoxicating.


Shanghai is a modern city with skyscrapers and a large shopping area. There are many places to eat and drink with a wonderful view of the city, many well-known places to shop and a variety of eateries serving some delicious food.

China is a pretty easy country to travel in due to its fantastic train and bus

systems. You're also given the choice of train (bullet or local train), class,

sleeper and seat preference. In all honesty the only difficulty you will have in

transit is the language barriers on the local trains and buses as there is little

or no information in English telling you which stop you have arrived at.


“It is without a doubt the finest and most splendid city in the world.”- Marco Polo.


"The city with the Terracotta Warriors."


“The place with the pandas, spicy food and hotpots”

Booking flights, trains and buses:


The best app to use when booking transport in China is Ctrip. It allows you to book flights, hotels and trains within the country with ease. The website version isn’t great and will  quite often give you inaccurate information.


How and where to book:


Flights: Ctrip and skyscanner

Trains: Ctrip or going to the train station that you depart from and booking directly (There is a fee if you try to book or pick up a ticket outside of your departing station)

Buses: most hostels and hotels have contacts with the appropriate companies or you can go to the bus station and book yourself.


TIP: Most people do not speak English in China and your pronunciation of the cities name you wish to visit may not be as accurate as you think, so it is always best to get a local to write down your destination and train/flight/bus details in mandarin ready to show the ticket seller.


“The Leshan Giant Buddha”


Known for the Hallelujah mountains, which were later renamed as the Avatar Hallelujah mountains after James Cameron’s Avatar film.


One of the most beautiful cities that I have seen in China and the second Venice outside of Italy… After Hangzhou of course.

Where to visit in China:

Google maps: Where to go in China by EducatingKavita

Xinging, Guilin city

If there is one place you should visit in Guilin it's Xingping.

Places that EducatingKavita still wants to visit:


Tagong (town from Kanding),

Tibet- Lhasa.

N.B: Visiting Tibet requires a permit if you're not a resident of China and access to Tibet is closed to foreigners for the months of February and March. (Information correct for March 2017)

Shaolin Temple,

Climb Mt Emei,

Xishuangbanna, Yuanyang Terraced Fields, Yubeng and Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province

Climb Mt Huangshan- in Anhui Province


Happy Travels!

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