Yangshou and Xingping, Guilin Province, China

Laozhai mountain. Photo credits: www.CEIO.co.uk



I had heard a lot about Yangshou from other backpackers; its beauty, various activities and overall atmosphere. Unfortunately, I arrived to a major tourist attraction with an abundance of western restaurants, bars, clubs and a general party vibe. It wasn’t for me.


After having been in beautiful Fenghuang, I was looking for something more remote, but I decided to give Yangshou a chance and stayed for 2 days… it was more than enough. 


General experience:


In all honesty, I needed to get out of Yangshou as fast as possible. The whole atmosphere depressed me and I needed some space from the hustle and bustle.

Markets along Yulong River



Things to do in Yangshou:


Walk along Yulong River or get a raft

Visit Yangshou Park

Walk around the city.



Yangshou Park

Fishing on the Yulong River




If there is one place you should visit in Guilin it's Xingping. You can get a bus from Yangshou straight there for 10 RMB and you’ll be glad that you did.


Xingping is a small town that is stunningly beautiful. I’m sure that it's full of tourists in the summer but there were hardly any about during March.


Things to do:


Head down to Li River and haggle your way onto a raft. Friends and I managed to haggle down to 50 RMB per person. We’re pretty sure that it was an unlicensed boat but we had it to ourselves which was pretty cool.

rafting on the Li River

Li River, Xingping


Hike up Laozhai Mountain for an epic view. The mountain has a path littered with steps and is pretty gruelling in the heat when the steps are wet from the rain, but it is absolutely worth it for the view.


General Experience


I absolutely adored Xingping and could have easily stayed there for a couple days more. The scenery is sublime and it was so easy to just walk around and take in the scenic view. If you’re planning to go to Guilin, a visit to Xingping is a must.


K x

View from Laozhai mountain

View from Laozhai mountain. Photo Credit: Mikey Dicks

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