Pyay to Ngapali, Myanmar (Burma)


Sehtatgyi Buddha

Sehtatgyi Buddha

Market outside Sehtatgyi Buddha



Pyay was never on my list of places to visit in Myanmar as there isn’t much to see there but it’s a great stopping point in order to get to Ngapali beach.

Pyay is an example of how untouched by tourism rural areas of Myanmar truly are. The pagodas are free to visit, the cost of food and drink is considerably lower than other cities. Eg a can of Fanta in another city is 800-1000 Kyat whereas a 700ml bottle of Fanta is 400 Kyat in Pyay. The people aren’t increasing the prices of taxi’s etc by 1000 Kyat because you’re a foreigner and the prices of bus tickets aren’t increased because you’re not a local

N.B: You may look at the conversion rate of these items and scoff at 1 GBP= 1682 Kyat but it’s not about how much it costs after the conversion but how much the product is worth.

Sunset at Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach

Villas on the beach



If you’re looking for a quiet place to hang around and relax in Myanmar, Ngapali beach is where you need to be. The water is clean, clear and incredibly warm. The locals are incredibly lovely and will endeavour to meet your every need.

The beach itself is incredibly long, so you will have to find the perfect spot. My favourite was near the restaurant area, just by Bay View Beach resort. I didn’t stay at the resort as it is quite pricey but it’s a great place to hang out during the day.

If you’re looking for great seafood, Ngapali is the place to find it. It’s fresh, delicious and totally worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Pyay to Ngapali, Myanmar (Burma)

    1. There are 3 bus companies who operate buses from Pyay to Ngapali in Pyay. You can either go the bus station and book it yourself (should be around 16,000 Kyat) or your hotel/hostel can organise it for you (the latter generally includes a pick up from your hotel/hostel) Hope that helps 🙂

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