Langkawi, Malaysia

Pentai Cenang and the perfect tree

Pentai Cenang Beach

Romantic spots

Malaysian paradise

Langkawi is popular with newlyweds and families for a reason; it’s simply stunning. But it’s also popular with the backpackers too as there is cheap accommodation and food available.



How to get there:

Some people choose to fly to Langkawi but it’s just as easy to get the ferry for 70 ringgits from a variety of ports.



What to see and do there:

Chilling out on Pentai Cenang beach

Boat tours to Island hop

Langkawi Cable Car

Lilim Karst Geo forest park

Langkawi skybridge

renting a motorbike or moped and ride around the island

Honeymoon destination?

Luxury villas

The perfect spot


General Experience:

If you’re looking for a relaxing destination then this is the place to be in Malaysia. The beach and beach houses look like they’re straight out of a travel brochure filled with luxury and romance.


Personal Experience:

I spent the majority of my time on Pentai Cenang beach shaded under the most fabulous tree that I have ever seen. It was a beautiful place to sit, relax and reflect on how wonderful my journey has been so far. It was so easy to forget about “to-do” lists and organising my next destination that I forced myself to think about how strange it will be to go back to work in a months time and not have these fabulous destinations within an arms reach... And although leaving this all behind will be sad a large part of me can’t wait to get back and start working, the idea of having routines again was a warming thought.

K x

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