Penang, Malaysia

Brother and Sister on a swing. Photo Credits LN

Food for thought

Georgetown is known for it’s awesome food and street art scene. It’s basically a backpackers haven.



Things to see and do:

A street art walking tour (grab a map and a camera and start walking)

Fort Cornwalls

Khoo Khongsi (clan house)

Kapitan Keling Mosque

Penang Hill (you can either hike up from the moon gate near the botanical gardens or get the funicular train)

Little India (area for great Indian food)

Just Posing

Kapitan Kelig Mosque

Where to eat:

Just walk around and try as much as you can, the food in Malaysia is delicious!


General Experience:

Penang is a cool place to chill out for a short while but after you have ticked things off your list the only thing left to do is eat. 

Man on a boat

Jetty pier

Brother and Sister

Personal Experience:

I truly enjoyed my time in Penang and it was a warm welcome to see so many westerners. Knowing that so many were about made me feel safe and comforted. I was also very fortunate to travel to Penang with people from my hostel in the Cameron Highlands and therefore had quite a lot of fun exploring the place with them.

But the highlight for me in Penang was the street art that is all over the heart of Georgetown. It’s not to be missed!

K x

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