Taiwan: Where To Go and What To See

Taroko Gorge

Fushan Temple

Confucius Temple Taichung


The country with metropolitan cities, national parks, stunning cliff views, rich aboriginal culture, surfing beaches and delicious food.



Why travel Taiwan?

Taiwan has a lot to offer and there are many budget ways to get around and see this beautiful country.

Due to its size, it has become very popular for people to hire a bicycle and ride around the entire coast line which can take up to 12 days if you make time to stop along the way. Some choose to carry a tent and camp along the way and others choose to stay at hostels. Either of these are great ways to check out what the country has to offer.

Another way to get around the country is by the reliable rail system which will take you up, down, and across the the country. You don’t need to book in advance and can turn up on the day at the station.

I personally decided to choose the rail option due to a typhoon and tropical storm hitting the country during my stay.

Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park

Places of interest:


Hualian- Quingshui Cliff and Taroko National Park (east coast)

Taitung- Dulan for surfing (east coast)

Kenting-  National Park and surfing (south)

Kaohsiung- (west coast)

Tainan- (west coast)

Maolin National scenic area

Alishan- the scenic railway

Taichung- for abandoned buildings and a direct route to get to Sun Moon Lake (west coast)

Taroko National park

Dulan Beach

Personal experience:


I started my trip in Taipei and stayed there for 6 days enjoying everything that it had to offer… and just as I got used to the city I felt the familiar need to move on and explore the rest of the country. Despite typhoon and tropical storm warnings from the news and everybody around me I left Taipei for the west coast to Taichung and Tainan where the sky turned from blue to grey. The typhoon and tropical storm definitely did its level best to disrupt my plans and boy did it disrupt them! Everything was closed in each city; shops, restaurants, and tourist sights.

After 2 days of suffering rain, grey skies and a horrific night of severe thunder and lightning where water seeped through the hostel windows, doors and walls, I had to head back to Taipei as the weather was keeping me indoors.

Arriving back in Taipei to blue skies and familiar faces at the hostel was welcoming but I knew that I had to start my journey again but this time along the east coast, where the weather was just as wonderful. So I booked my train ticket to Hualian in order to see Taroko National Park before heading along the east coast.



Taroko National park

Is Taiwan worth a visit?


If you have 2 weeks where you want sun, sea, national parks, interesting culture and delicious food then Taiwan is definitely worth a visit!

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