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We all grow up with a vague idea about how life should be, what we should achieve and how we should achieve it, and if we don't, we quite often receive a gentle reminder from our parents, grandparents or teachers.

I'm no different, except I grew up wanting to be free. I'm not even sure what I wanted to be free from. I just remember wanting to earn money so that I could buy a house and fill it with furniture and eventually tick that box labelled 'adult'. But the closer I got to reaching that notion, the faster that feeling faded and I soon just wanted to earn so that I could disappear. Disappear on an adventure...

Getting to this point in life wasn't easy and boy did I choose to learn the hard way. I didn't follow all of the rules and I definitely did it my way. I had already done my fair share of travelling, I had my undergraduate degree under my belt from Cumbria, followed by my postgraduate degree from Edinburgh and I landed myself a fantastic job in a Secondary School as a Drama Teacher. The journey thus far had been an adventure itself and I had loved every moment of it.

Through my job I have had the pleasure of teaching some amazing kids with the best sense of humour; I got to mentor them, teach them, sing to them... (to their amusement/dismay) and it has quite literally been amazing. I always told myself that I'd stay in Scotland for at least 5 years and maybe work my way into becoming an Educational Psychologist, because after all, I love working with kids and I receive a large amount of time off to travel as much as I desire due to the school holidays.

But overnight a feeling consumed me. A feeling that pulled at my heart and gut and it told me to move. The feeling made it unbearable to stagnate. I spent months silencing it, letting my head weigh in, trying to convince myself that I was just being childish and that it was just a flight of fancy.

Now 6 months later after much deliberation and a large pile of pro's and con's lists, I have decided to resign from my job in Scotland and move to Australia to teach and to travel. I think its pretty safe to say that I am incredibly terrified. Excited but terrified... It saddens me to leave the kids that I have taught and the colleagues that have supported me and made me laugh. But I know inside that it is the right decision.

In the last 6 months I have learnt so much about myself, my relationships, the relocating process and I have acquired skills that I didn't even realise that I possessed. But my biggest achievements so far have to be following my heart and taking a gamble, moving to the unknown with little certainty... oh and learning how to set up a website and blog, because seriously coding has taken over my life.

But who knows what the future will bring; either way, I welcome it with open arms.

K x


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