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2 years on…

I started this blog in 2015 with the intention of documenting my teaching and travelling journey across the globe; collecting stories, passages, photographs and people along the way.

I left the beautiful but chilly landscape of Scotland behind and travelled to the warmer climates of Australia where I made the overwhelming transition from the high school sector to the primary sector; acquiring detailed knowledge of new curriculums, meeting an array of educators and practitioners whilst developing and expanding my own pedagogy.

And now, I’m back where I started.


Do I regret resigning from my permanent job?

Not for a second. I think it’s important to resign from a job at least once in your life, regardless of how much you loved/hated it. I believe that it takes great courage to go against social norms and make room for personal growth.


Have my decisions negatively impacted my employability?

Quite the opposite. I am a far better educator now, than I was when I left. I have expanded my skillset and have a wider understanding of the world around me.


Has it changed who I am?

It’s certainly altered how I view people and situations. Changed who I am? Who was I before? Who am I now? Is it even important? Although a good friend did tell me that I am more myself now, than I ever was before… (I think she’s a Dr Seuss fan)


Has it been difficult to settle back?

I want to say that the adjustment period was long and trying but unfortunately, I settled back in a day. It’s almost like I never left… except for those special moments when I get to tell my students about some of the phenomenal adventures I've had; watching their faces light up as they absorb every detail. I like to imagine that their brains deposit short snippets of the stories into boxes buried deep inside them labelled ‘dreams’ and ‘possibilities’. I like to hope that I make the big wide world slightly smaller for them so they know that it’s within their grasps too. I like to hope.


K x

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